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Extreme Cake Makers
Factual Entertainment - 16 x 30'
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This series lifts the lid on the successes and failures of a crazy, creative and elite group who go all out to produce the world’s most delicious and breath-taking creations, turning cakes into works of art.

Thanks to the baking revolution we've once again fallen in love with cake, and no party is now complete without a show-stopping sponge. But to make wowing wedding cakes and bumper birthday bakes takes a special kind of cake maker.


Extreme Cake Makers performed exceptionally well on Channel 4, averaging 763k viewers across its 15 episode run.

Extreme Cake Makers reached a total of 5.7m individuals, which is 9.6% of the UK population. Furthermore, the programme was viewed by an impressive 12.5% of all women 16+ in the UK.

Extreme Cake Makers is the top performing series in the Channel 4 pre-prime slot in 2017 to date; out performing programmes such as Come Dine with Me, The Simpsons’ and A Place in the Sun.


“The show, as it happens, is rather lovely.” - Saga magazine

“Channel 4 is serving up a tasty treat with Extreme Cake Makers” - Daily Mail Weekend