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What Would Your Kid Do? (Format)
Entertainment - 60'
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What Would Your Kid Do? Is the brand new entertainment format which challenges parents to guess how their children will behave in a variety of situations, merging specialist factual child development psychology with an entertaining gameshow mechanic.

Children are filmed in a real world setting, thinking it’s just another day at school. Unassumingly, they'll go through a number of tasks that will explore everything from curiosity to lateral thinking, risk taking to rule breaking.

As the situations unfold, the host will observe alongside the parents as they try to predict what their child will do in each situation, providing a fascinating and often hilariously telling insight into the mind of children - there's also a few surprises that sees the host join the children in their world.

At the end of the show the parents who have shown they know their child the best, and correctly predicted their behaviour, will play for a family prize alongside their child.

This fresh format is full of laughs and heart-warming moments that will entertain and inform in equal measure.

The UK version is hosted by comedian Jason Mansford.

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