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Ibiza Weekender Series 1
Entertainment - 8 x 60'
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A fresh cast of young holidaymakers head to a stylish new party destination for the time of their lives.

This fresh, modern series is set on the chic, fashionable island of Ibiza and focuses the action around a single hotel. From check-in to check-out, each episode follows the fortunes of the guests as they soak up the sun, look for romance and plunge into the island’s amazing nightlife. Fixed rig cameras capture all the drama as it unfolds from the hotel to the beach, and the staff quarters to the poolside.

The Resort (Ibiza Weekender) follows in the footsteps of the highly successful Magaluf Weekender series, which sees teenagers embarking on their first holiday abroad to the island of Majorca.

Poignant, engaging and thoroughly entertaining, this candid coming-of-age constructed reality show delivers a modern story about growing up.

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This highly popular show is watched by 1 million per episode.

The series achieved a 29.8.3% increase on slot average for the Adults 16-34 demographic, with an increase slot average for Men 16-24 of 80.7% and Women 16-24 of 69.1%.

The series peaked in Episode 6 with 689,000 viewers, a 42.4% increase on 52 week average viewers for the channel, and a 2.6% Share. This was also the best performing programme on the channel.



The series, branded as ‘addictive’ by Now magazine, proved a hit on social media. Entertaining them throughout, episode 1 remained on the UK top 10 list throughout most of the hour. At its peak, the reality show climbed to the second most tweeted about subject in the UK (TV or otherwise). Overall, it ranked as the third most tweeted about TV show of the day, making 3.4 million impressions with 10,200 tweets from 6,000 unique authors. It was beaten only by BAFTA and Top Gear. 

The show’s online popularity, supported by a full social media campaign, went from strength to strength. Episode 3 made 3.6 million impressions and @IbizaWeekender, the official Twitter account, gained a record number of followers - 2,083 - prior to TX.

At the point of the episode airing, it was second in the top tweeted about shows. The live Twitter q & a with Jordan following the programme saw #AskJordan trending at number 3 in the UK lists; #IbizaWeekender was at number 4, #Deano at number 5 and #Imogen at number 8. Memes and clips posted in between episodes created fresh conversation and ensured that the buzz surrounding the Weekender and ITV2 were continuous.

Grabbing the attention of a variety of key popular culture publications, Ibiza Weekender has also generated plenty of publicity for ITV2. Now magazine said the show would ‘brighten up your day’, while New praised its ‘outrageous antics and saucy shenanigans.’ Its playful presence embodied the ITV2 ethos of making ‘life more colourful’.