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The Resort (Magaluf Weekender) Series 1
Entertainment - 6 x 60'
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The series which captures the ultimate rite of passage - your first holiday away from your parents.

This new format marries fixed rig filming techniques (as seen on Educating Essex) with a constructed reality cast.

Set in a hotel in Magaluf the party capital of Europe, each episode follows the trials and tribulations of two sets of friends as they party away a week of their lives to celebrate the end of their studies.

The Resort captures every flirtatious wink, fleeting midnight visit and terrible chat-up line as our young cast navigate their way through their first sun-soaked holiday packed with growing pains, fun and friendship.

But The Resort isn’t all in-your-face partying. It’s is also a sensitive documentary series that captures the moment a group of young people become adults. Left to fend for themselves, far away from home they face a multitude of challenges: coming to terms with their sexuality; handling the delights and regrets of a one-night stand; trying to hold down a relationship in a sexually-charged atmosphere; drinking and smoking as much they like; dating; falling in love; and coping with heartbreak.

Alongside them is a regular cast of hotel staff whose fortunes are followed across the series.

Poignant and brutally candid this coming-of-age constructed reality format delivers for a teen demographic.