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The Jump
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Across four seasons in the UK, this breathtaking reality entertainment show has become one of the most talked about formats on television.

Stripped live in primetime, a group of famous faces decamp to the slopes to be trained in a series of winter sport disciplines by expert coaches and Olympians. Then it's onto the mountain as they confront their fears and each other, to compete in a succession of open air alpine challenges.

Tough disciplines and fierce competition amongst the celebrities makes for some thrilling viewing, as they fight to keep their place and avoid a face-off in the eliminator live jump-off. 

With daring live action, sporting skill and humorous moments, the most thrilling show on television is an event not to be missed.



  • Watched by more than 3 million viewers.
  • One of the top 4 performing shows in its slot.
  • Premieres of Seasons 2 and 3 smashed the slot average.
  • Strong appeal across all key demographics.
  • Increased the channel slot average by 45% (S2).

Series 1

The Jump got off to an incredible start, attracting 35% above the slot average and remaining popular throughout the run.

Series 2

The Jump was described by the channel as their most successful entertainment format launch in over a decade.

The Jump returned for a second series in early 2015, and achieved ratings and critical acclaim that topped the first series. The Jump launch kicked off with 3.1 million viewers, achieving a share of 13.1%. This beat the slot average by +159%. The episode contained the highest performing minute of the show, averaging 3.5m viewers, beating the slot average by +194% and becoming the 2nd most watched show in its slot across a 52 week period.

Series 3

Every show in the series beat the slot average and there was strong appeal across all key demographics. Episode 1 was one of the top 4 performing shows in its slot across a 52-week period.

The series had an average audience share of 8.1%, with 5 of the 6 weekly shows ranking as the best performing programmes on the channel.


Series 1

The show was amongst the most tweeted about TV shows of the day across every episode.

Series 2

The Jump took social media by storm, trending or becoming a top tweeted about show across the majority of episodes.

The casting was widely praised, with Mail on Sunday saying “There’s a phenomenal treasure trove of British winter-sports talent…”. The Radio Times said “series two goes further, faster and funnier” and “Bravo. More next year please.”


The Jump frequently trended on Twitter; 3 of the 6 episodes were amongst the top 5 tweeted about shows of the week.

Mail Online dubbed it “one of the most… challenging reality show on television”; TV and Satellite Week said, “…there’s never a dull moment on The Jump” and Daily Star described the live shows as “nail-biting”.  

Series 4

What the papers say:

“The question everyone’s always asking of this show – why, as a celebrity, would you get involved? – has a blindingly obvious answer, despite my own worries about the sport.


” Of course it’s a bit dangerous, but it’s also a trip where you get the best instructors and equipment more or less on tap, stay in a plush hotel for two months and hang out eating and drinking when you’re not taking part in one of the most exhilarating sports around.” – Radio Times

“The Jump is proving to be the perfect antidote for those who thinks Sunday nights in with Call The Midwife is too twee.” Metro

“And because the majority of them are mildly decent at skiing rather than total noobs, it makes for surprisingly tense television. OK, the actual competition element of the show probably only lasts about 15 minutes in total across an hour-and-a-half of television, but when it's happening, my god are you watching.” Digital Spy