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The World's Greatest Food Markets
Factual Entertainment - 3 x 60'
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Travel and food in a new adventure.

Market trader, Roger Barton, hails from one of the world's most famous fish markets. 

Now he's about to leave Billingsgate and embark on a new global adventure, to see if he can make a success on some of the world's toughest trading floors. 

Set against the stunning and vibrant backdrops of Mexico City, New York and Delhi, he goes in search of the cut, thrust and money in some of the world's greatest and most lucrative food markets. There are new cultures, customs and politics to negotiate. Exactly what he decides to sell will be his choice, and dictated by his contacts and new found knowledge. 

He may be able to sell cod to the locals in London but can he make a profit trading melons in Mexico City or bass in the Bronx, and where can he make the most?