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Datey Dancing (Format)
Entertainment - 60'
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Datey Dancing is the exciting new studio based entertainment format where single bachelors throw their best moves to try and win a hot date.

Three lucky ladies are presented with a group of potential suitors who, one by one, must dance to their favourite track and make a strong impression. None are professional dancers, but they are all single and desperate for a date. The only way to make it through the first round is to win all three girls' vote. Only two guys go through to the next round, then we get down to the dance-off to see who can think fast on their feet and reach the finale.

However, things are all shook up as the tables turn and it's our male finalist who gets to go cheek-to-cheek with all three girls to see who HE would like to date. Each lucky pair is then whisked off for a dance date of their dreams - will their hearts beat as one at the end of the night, or will it be a tragedy? 

It's going to be harsh - it's going to be brutal - it's going to be murder on the dancefloor!