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The Body Shocking Show
Factual Entertainment - 8 x 30' , 3 x 60'
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Factual Entertainment




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There are no limits in this celebration of all that's weird and wonderful from around the world. 

Comedian and magician, Pete Firman, is joined by the stunning Jessica Jane Clement (The Real Hustle) in the studio as they bring you a world of shocking bodies. From extreme risky body piercings to people who have their parts removed, blown up, tattooed and much, much more.

Joining the fun is Hollywood star Verne Troyer and the immeasurably gorgeous Jackie Stallone. Each investigate and give their own view on some of the most eye-watering body shocking subjects from across the globe. On this side of the pond, Dead or Alive legend and roving reporter, Pete Burns goes in search of the bizarre and wonderful, and even goes under the knife once again. 

Sexy and fun, these hilariously colourful stories and characters make for compulsive viewing.

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