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Hotel Inspector, The (Format)
Factual Entertainment - 60'
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This year, The Hotel Inspector brand celebrates an incredible 10 years of of returning hotels and B&B's back to their former glory.

The host's mission in this well-established format - in the UK version renowned business guru Alex Polizzi, is to cast fresh eyes over a number of fading hotels, and their hapless owners, to help raise the level back to the high standards required. Along the way, there's dubious decor, questionable cleanliness, and sometime even family feuds to contend with. Using their traicks of the trade, The hotel Inspector brings their no-nonsense approach and practical intelligence to bear on every level of the hotel trade. It's a wake-up call for businesses that would otherwise be facing closure. 

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Performs 30% above the channel's slot average. 

One of Channel Five's longest running shows.