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Our Shirley Valentine Summer
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This summer, eight famous women spend a month discovering the Greek islands, rediscovering themselves, and even looking for love.

Under the glow of the Mediterranean sun, the group live together under one roof, sharing every moment of this unique new experience. Too young to retire but hoping to give their lives new meaning, the ladies hold a passion to try something new or pursue long held dreams. It may be the opportunity to learn a new skill, realise an ambition, or possibly find love as they immerse themselves with the local life and culture. Set against a backdrop, it will be a summer to remember as they fall in love with the idea of living again.

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The series has reached more than 2 million viewers per episode (consolidated), with the repeats drawing an additional 899k individuals to the show.

The celebrities’ journey in Naxos has been successful in its genre for engaging with its target audience (People 55+).

Across three episodes, the show has attracted a 68% female audience, up from ITV’s slot average of 60% (Women 16+).

It has compared well with other relationship-based titles including First Dates, outperforming its share by 81%.

Compared with other popular reality TV shows, Our Shirley Valentine Summer has performed well with People Over 55. Beating Love Island’s share by +249% this demographic. (+300% for Men, +230% for Women).  

The repeats performed well in their slot, averaging 16k more women over 55 (+18%) with an increase of +4% in terms of average 000s for all people over 55.


“It most definitely has a big heart and is not at all what you expect it to be….it is from the makers of The Real Marigold Hotel, so inevitably it's one of the warmest shows of its kind.” The Express

"..a new documentary-cum-reality show with a bit more emotional depth." Radio Times

"For pure entertainment, these over-50s can easily put those hot young things in the shade." The Mirror