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Sinkholes (Series 2)
Factual - 6 x 60'
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Sinkholes – a deadly phenomenon that’s becoming more and more common. All across the world these terrifying chasms appear suddenly and with no warning. They bring chaos, terror and sometimes even death. 

In this returning season, there are reports from across the globe of the areas plagued by sinkholes, caused by natural occurrence or as a result of modern day industry methods. Each episode seeks to uncover the origins of the ground movement which has left often life-changing devastation in its wake.

Hear more incredible accounts of survival plus the heroic tales from the rescue services, and the life-shattering reflections of those whose lives were torn apart.

This second season of the Sinkholes brand is also available as mini-series covering the below collection of subjects. 

Sinkholes: Episodes 1 - 6.

Death and Destruction: Episodes 7 - 10.

When Demolitions Go Wrong: Episodes 11 - 12.