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Greatest Wedding Shockers
Factual Entertainment - 1 x 60'
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Celebrity celebrations, crazy themes, naked nuptials and record breakers are all in one gripping show to discover the number one most shocking wedding in the world… ever!

No stone is left unturned in the search to find the most shocking weddings, including Star Wars fans who married as Han Solo and Princess Leila, the longest Royal wedding train, an underwater wedding with sharks in the congregation and a bride who arrived to her wedding in a skip. And, of course, no collection of wedding shockers would be complete without a recital of celebrity nuptials. From the low down on Britney’s short-lived wedding, the gossip surrounding Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Indian wedlock and Madonna’s brother Chris Ciccone who gives the inside story on his sister’s high security weddings.

Killer archive and a fabulous cast of talking heads guarantee a fast paced countdown packed full of shocking marriages from all walks of life.