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Take The Tower
Entertainment - 6 x 60'
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In this adrenaline-fuelled format, wannabe action heroes compete to win the holiday of a lifetime. Standing in their way is a high-rise tower full of challenges plus Hollywood supervillain and host – Dolph Lundgren.

Drawing inspiration from some of the greatest action movies of all time, teams of four face a series of tough physical tests and quiz questions that require brains and stamina. Each floor has an action movie challenge for them to beat. From navigating across a touch sensitive alarmed floor, through steep, slippery vents and out of a malfunctioning lab. Chained to a boiler system, trapped in an exploding toilet, or taking paintball bullets from their friends. The team must fight their way up to the penthouse for the final round and a head-to-head shoot out with Dolph to win a holiday.

But as in all great films, there’s a twist. Fail a mission and one member of the team is ejected from the building, supervillain style!

Who will survive and conquer the tower?


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