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When Demolitions Go Wrong
Factual - 2 x 60'
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Hundreds of thousands of unwanted buildings are demolished every year. Often taking months of planning, the majority go off without a hitch. But sometimes disaster strikes, devastating other properties, and seriously injuring and even killing innocent spectators.

With first-hand testimony from survivors, witnesses and experts, When Demolitions Go Wrong reveals the stories behind some of the world’s most renowned demolition disasters across the world. From a tower block that refused to go down in the UK, a huge silo that collapsed the wrong way into a cultural centre in Denmark and a 275-foot high chimney that smashed into live power lines in Ohio, USA, threatening the lives of spectators below them, it's a gripping account of survival. 

When Demolitions Go Wrong is also available as part of the second season of the highly successful title, Sinkholes.