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Junk Food Experiment, The (Format)
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Six celebrities indulge in eating fast food for 21 days all in the name of science!

Six familiar faces bravely donate their bodies to this scientific experiment to measure the impact junk food has on their bodies and brains.  

The celebs live on a diet made up of the UK’s top three favourite junk types – fried chicken, burgers and pizza.  Every seven days, they undergo a full-body MOT, comprising a suite of over 60 different medical tests designed by experts to reveal exactly what is happening to their bodies.

It’s a real eye-opening look at what serious excess can have on a nation, with plenty of factual takeout, as the participants demonstrate the very real impact of calorie-laden diets.

Throughout the experiment the celebs will record how they are feeling through round the clock video diaries, including sleep cameras, as they try to cope with the demands of day-to-day life.

The UK trial takes place under the watchful eye of Dr Michael Mosley.



  • The Junk Food Experiment reached an impressive 3.3 million viewers. 
  • It delivered a high audience of ABC1 adults with 600,000 tuning in. 
  • Combined with the transmission of The Indian Dream Hotel On Tour, The Junk Food Experiment gave Twofour a primetime share of 35%.

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