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Secret Teacher, The
Factual - 4 x 60'
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It is no secret that many of the UK's greatest entrepreneurs struggled at school - labelled as failures by the educational system, their enormous potential was outshone by those achieving more academically.    

Now, from the award-winning team who produced 'Educating...' is a new series where a cast of four of the UK’s most successful business owners – all of whom struggled at school – go undercover as school support staff to offer a helping hand they never had.

Set in a different state secondary school in a variety of locations across the country, nearly all the staff and none of the students know who the new member of the team is.

For the entrepreneurs going back into the classroom is a huge shock to the system. Forcing them to re-evaluate their own views on education, they experience first-hand just how tough the job really is. Gradually, sharing their own skills and experience, the entrepreneurs identify which of the students they want to help before revealing who they really are in a potential life-changing finale. 

It’s heart-warming inspirational and often funny, in equal measure.


"The emotional ending will leave you feeling uplifted." The Daily Mail

"A good premise." Guardian Guide