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It's Your Fault I'm Fat (Format)
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In this new weight loss format, teenagers work together with their families to shed the pounds they are desperate to lose.

Each episode focuses on one family as they come face-to-face with the truth about their obesity. The teenagers open up to their parents, disclosing how their weight is affecting their happiness. Behind each story is the motivation for wanting to lose weight, from wearing the prom dress they always dreamed of, to be able to show their beach body on their first foreign holiday or even just to have the confidence to leave the house - the teenagers want the whole family to get on the right track for a healthier future.

After a family weigh in, the hard work results in pounds being shed. Over the course of eight weeks, and guided by a tailored weight program plus expert advice, there’s discovery and heartache as their relationships with each other and food is confronted. 

It’s a whole new journey to bring them closer as a family and a healthier happier life. 


A ratings hit for 5Star, overachieving the channel average across its run.
Averaged 123,000 across its 6-part run, with a peak of 170,000 viewers.
A good percentage of the series performed 50% higher above slot.
A clear slot winner with key age groups, notably Individuals, ABC1, Women demographics.