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Immigration Lawyers (Format)
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This observational format shines a light on the immigration system and provides an unprecedented insight into how the government decides who gets to live permanently in a country.

Following a number of self-contained stories in each episode, it hears first-hand from a range of applicants as they submit their cases. Then it’s the job of the tough talking lawyers to vet their clients, and build the most compelling argument to get them the visa they need.

It’s a thought-provoking series that speaks about more than just asylum, and gives the viewer the chance to decide for themselves who they think deserves a place in the country.

Transmitted in the UK as Who Should Get To Stay In The UK?.




"This was an intimate, moving film which personalised an issue that is too often reduced to cold, hard numbers."  The Telegraph

"The programme's weaving together of personal stories and expert commentary gradually shows the more intangible mechanisms at work. A the same time, the show made points rarely heard in mainstream discussions of immigration."  The Guardian