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Immigration Lawyers
Factual - 3 x 60'
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Who we let into the UK, or allow to stay here, is a never ending issue. As immigration lawyers up and down the country attempt to get their desperate clients a visa, they must try to work out fact from fiction. Between them they submit over 700 000 visa applications a year to the Home Office, over half a million of which are successful.

This revealing and provocative series follows a number of extraordinary stories including a 29 year-old Jamacian national who arrived in the UK when she was 12 and has faced a 10-year battle for status. Plus a local celebrity chef who takes on the Home Office so he can bring over specialist chefs from India to expand his business. 

Each story presents the audience with the richness of detail and complexity of the cases, giving them the chance to decide for themselves - who they think deserves a place in the UK.