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Extreme Chocolate Makers
Factual Entertainment - 10 x 30' , 1 x 60' Easter Special
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Factual Entertainment



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Chocolate just got serious as this brand-new series from the creators of hugely popular Extreme Cake Makers, unveil the work of an elite group of chocolatiers.

The talented chocolate makers go all out to produce the world’s most breath-taking masterpieces. Featured in the series are a range of ambitious, intricate delights and life-size structures; which include a 3D chocolate map of Croatia commissioned by the Croatian Embassy, a chocolate record player complete with headphones, microphone and record collection, a 4.5ft Big Ben and even exact replicas of an endangered dung beetle for an Oxford entomologist. 

It’s a spectacular showcase of jaw-dropping creations that really hits the sweet spot!



Extreme Chocolate Makers followed hot on the heels of Extreme Cake Makers and mirrored its success and winning formula.

Averaged 482,000 viewers and 4.1% share of viewing, across its 10-part & Easter special run.

Brought new audiences to the show and made gains on viewing across male and young (4-35) demographics.

4-34’s contributed to 23% of the share, +8% on the previous month’s timeslot.

Also increased the viewing for kids, 34-54s and ABC1’s compared to channel’s slot average for the same month last year.

Females contributed an impressive 67% to the overall viewing.

Ranks in the Top 10 performers in its slot for the channel and stood up well against other commercial channels.