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Factual - 1 x 60' Eaten By An Escalator , 1 x 60' Trapped In An Elevator
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Throughout our modern cities, filled with high-rise buildings, we depend on escalators and lifts to move around. These seemingly reliable pieces of engineering are so integrated into our environment, we barely notice their existence.

But these simple, unassuming, mechanical innovations can suddenly become deadly.

With the help of industry experts, Eaten By An Escalator looks at the horrifying moments when this everyday mode of transport can cause chaos by spiralling out of control. It examines the incredible stories of those who have been trapped or injured, and measures the psychological impact on victims. With fascinating detail, the engineering stories behind each incident are uncovered and how the industry has reacted to keep urban life safe.

Trapped In An Elevator takes us into the world of lifts and the looks at terrifying events when these everyday machines suddenly malfunction. Capable of taking people captive, trapping passengers in doors and suddenly plummeting down shafts, this film meets some of the people who have been badly affected. In addition, there’s expert opinion on how such tragedies happened and the pioneering new safety technologies engineered to protect against future catastrophes.