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Sink or Swim
Entertainment - 60'
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This brand-new largescale format sees a group of non-swimming celebrities take to the water in an epic challenge for a charitable cause.

The brave group, who are all barely able to swim, are guided by a team of leading figures from the world of swimming. The experts are on hand to offer vital training and support to transform the celebrities from absolute beginners into strong swimmers in just 12 weeks. Pushed to their limits both mentally and physically, each episode concludes with a punishing qualifying swim. The celebrities left swimming the end of the gruelling training process, take part in the ultimate open water challenge together as they attempt to swim the English Channel (UK version).

The question is, will they Sink or Swim? 


Premiered as the Number #1 best performing show for the channel, +69.3% above slot average. 

More than 2 million viewers tuned in to see the swimmers begin their challenge.

Across the whole series run, it retained its audience of 2 million and outperformed the channel's slot average by an impressive +22%

Attained strong appeal with younger demographics (16-24's +20%, 16-34's +42%).



“…inspiring…” Daily Mail Weekend

“…seriously ambitious and difficult challenge…” Daily Mirror

“It has all the hallmarks of brilliant TV drama.”  The Independent