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The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis
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Alex Lewis came down with a common cold in November 2013. For most of us this would be nothing more than a sore throat. For Alex it turned into a rare and devastating infection.

Within a few hours, he had developed septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome, taking his limbs and almost his life. Doctors fought to save Alex with less than a 3% chance of survival. But he beat the odds..

This emotionally charged film delves into some of the raw moments that shape his days. From arriving back to his family home; readjusting his life as a father and husband, to taking his first steps.

Starting just days after he lost his last limb, filmmaker Leonardo Machado follows Alex’s incredible journey as he seeks his purpose in life and reinvents himself. 


This documentary special engaged audiences, peaking with 1.5 million, 6.8% share.

It trended at number 2 in the UK and it was the 3rd most tweeted about show of the day.


“a documentary about resilience and how to move forward when faced with hugely challenging circumstances.” – The Evening Standard

“Like Lewis and Townsend, who are now engaged, Machado’s documentary spends scant time dwelling on misfortune or hospital beds. Instead the film celebrates a small family pulled closer together by difficult circumstances, galvanised by the challenges hurled at them.” – The Telegraph