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The Diner
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Breaking down the barriers of disability to reach the life-changing goal of a dream job. Featuring two-star Michelin chef and former MasterChef: The Professionals judge Michel Roux Jr., The Diner follows a group of people with a range of disabilities or long-term conditions, as they strive to pursue careers in the hospitality business. 

Mentored by the chef himself, and with the support of a number of back-to-work charities, the contributors are trained, undertake work experience and attempt to secure work placements or full-time employment.

It's a unique project that celebrates people's abilities, challenges perceptions and aims to transform lives.

The UK transmission version of the series is titled Kitchen Impossible.

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“Charming and funny, with an important message at its core (“no-one is unemployable”), Kitchen Impossible shines a light on those who are all too often excluded.” – Evening Standard

“It is totally different to any cooking show you’ve seen. It’s a celebration of humanity, and there are moments that will move you to tears.” – Daily Mail Weekend

 “Kitchen Impossible doesn’t aim to create a winner but simply to advance the participants’ self-esteem…” – Radio Times