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Alex Polizzi: Hire Our Heroes
Factual - 2 x 60'
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Alex Polizzi explores the issues facing ex-service personnel as they struggle with life after the armed forces.

For the majority of ex-service personnel, the transition into civilian life is a smooth one. Yet some still battle to find employment, education and housing. 
Alex explores the stories of medically-discharged veterans looking for employment, and the barriers they find themselves up against, as well as the complex issues which can arise when transitioning from the armed forces to civilian life. 
Drawing on the experience and skills of charities, companies and organisations, Alex and the veterans seek the support needed to leave them informed, motivated and equipped to succeed in employment, and adapt their vast skillset to new lives on 'civvy street'.



“…thought-provoking, often emotional two-part series” – Saturday Times

“…at times upsetting but ultimately inspiring.” – The Sun TV Magazine

“The ever-determined Alex Polizzi campaigns to get jobless military veterans off the civvy street scrapheap, fighting for employers to recognise these highly skilled men as anything but mad, bad or sad.” – Closer

“Who’s the most capable woman on TV? Why, it’s Alex Polizzi of course.” – Total TV Guide