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Get Me To The Church On Time (Format)
Factual Entertainment - 60'
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If they can survive this show, married life will be a breeze!

Get Me to the Church On Time is the audacious new format that sends the bride or groom on a pre-wedding celebration unlike any other.

Dropped in the middle of nowhere in a far-flung corner of the world, stripped of their possessions, with no local knowledge and unable to speak the language, they face the ultimate deadline: they have to get back for the biggest day of their life within 72 hours. Car, camel, train or plane – how they get back is up to them. If they succeed, they win an incredible luxury five-star honeymoon.

Every episode is underpinned with the story of a different couple’s impending wedding, as well as humour and jeopardy as the wedding party figure out how on earth they are going to get themselves to the church on time. 

Format and finished programme rights available.

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