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Home Game, The
Factual Entertainment - 10 x 60'
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Factual Entertainment

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The form breaking home makeover series that cuts out the transformation process.

Each show meets four homeowners living in very different homes all at the beginning of a major renovation. But while they live through weeks of builders dust, overspends and stress, the show fast forwards to the big moment; the makeover and price, and delivers hit-after-hit of amazing transformations.

From bespoke installations to budget builds, the series asks whether you really can tell who has added the most value – uncovered at the end of each show. Will it be a family’s loft conversion which has them hitting the roof, a contemporary garden makeover that takes months to complete, or an Italian designer’s new garden office built to add value as well as style? The series is presented by leading interior designer, Linda Barker (Changing Rooms).

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Across the series, The Home Game achieved a total reach of 6.1 million viewers.

The series as a whole averaged a strong 711k viewers.

A strong performer across the Adults 55+ demographic, who attributed 61% of total viewing levels.

Extremely popular with those aged 16-45.  ITV was the most watched channel across all channels with this demographic during The Home Game airings, with an average audience of 131k viewers, beating BBC 1’s 128k viewers.

The show was efficient at bringing in high levels of live viewing. Live+VOSDAL viewing accounted for 96% of total viewing to the programme.



“Thankfully we don’t have to endure the lengthy angst over building problems, budget busting and indecision because, for us, the transformation is instant. Instead there’s fun in guessing which projects will add value to the property (spending a fortune isn’t always the answer) as well as getting inspiration from their design ideas.” Radio Times