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Impossible Engineering Series 3
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Behind every seemingly-impossible marvel of modern engineering is a cast of historic trailblazers who pioneered new building techniques, took risks on untested materials and revolutionised their field.

This series is a tribute to their achievements. Each episode celebrates a modern engineering marvel, from super towers to mega ships and giant telescopes, detailing how it’s built and how it works. As we revel in these modern day creations, we will also leap back in time to recount the stories of the exceptional engineers behind the historic technological advances that made it all possible.


The Halley VI– the world’s first fully moveable Polar Research Station - which would not have been possible without the founding father of hydraulics, Joseph Bramah, whose trailblazing ideas gave us the Hydraulic Press;

The International Space Station - the incredible cosmic laboratory - the largest artificial body in orbit, which was inspired by the aerospace engineers that came before such as Dave Clarke, whose pioneering extra vehicular suit enabled man’s first walk in space.

The result is a series that celebrates both modern marvels and the people that made them possible, using specially shot footage, stunning archive, 3D graphics and expert interviews to tell these amazing stories. 



Shortlisted for Broadcast Awards 2017, International Programme Sales!


An average of 198,000 viewers tuned in to the latest season (3) of Impossible Engineering.

Season three was the highest performing yet, exceeding season 1 by +51% and season 2 by +21%.

Increased its presence of younger audiences (16-34) by 10%, while maintaining steady growth across all demographics.

Fought off competion from from other science / medical documentaries across BBC2 & 4, Ch4 and Channel 5, including  Wonders of the Solar System and Abandoned Engineering. 

In the US, the latest season outperformed Science Channel's prior time period by +24% and +51%. 

Ranked within the Top 8 of original series in the past year (A50+) and Top 11 for All Individuals (A18-49).