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Indian Dream Hotel, The (Series 2)
Factual Entertainment - 4 x 60'
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The award-winning hit travel documentary series The Indian Dream Hotel returns for a brand new Indian adventure.

Starring a delightful new cast of well-known senior citizens - entertainer Lionel Blair, actress Amanda Barrie, snooker champion Dennis Taylor, TV personality Rustie Lee, Doctor Miriam Stoppard, presenter Bill Oddie, singer Shiela Ferguson and actor Paul Nicholas. Embarking on a journey of a lifetime, this new four-part series sees the group travel thousands of miles to make a new home in Kochi, a city in the southwest Indian state of Kerala. The series documents the authentic experience of the eight characters living out their golden years, to test whether they can set up a more rewarding retirement than in the UK. 

Transmitting in the UK as The Real Marigold Hotel.  


Rose d'Or for Best Reality and Factual Programme

Broadcast Award for Best Popular Factual Programme

Grierson Award for Best Constructed Documentary Series


The series averaged 4.3m (21%) across its four-part run, over a million up on the 3m (12.6%) who watched the first series on BBC2 in January 2016.

It also comfortably outperformed the channel’s 3.7m (17.8%) slot average.

With 24.2% of the audience share it is an impressive +39% up on slot average, and +42.3% up on slot average with the ABC1 demographic.


 “The second series of The Real Marigold Hotel looks set to be another touching watch. The clear devotion that Paul Nicholas and Lionel Blair had to their wives at home was just one aspect that made episode one gently heartwarming.” - The i

“…my seventysomething Indian parents absolutely love it.” - The Guardian

“As entertainment, this was all gentle almost to a fault, but decidedly winning. Lionel Blair, Amanda Barrie, Bill Oddie, Miriam Stoppard et al proved a remarkably engaging – not to mention startlingly well-preserved lot - and little character arcs were already appearing.” - The Telegraph

"The Real Marigold Hotel left everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside" - Radio Times

“Anyway, the programme is – hurrah, hurrah – as charming, funny, informative, poignant, exotic and delightful as ever.” – Saga