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A Night With My Ex S1 (UK Version)
Entertainment - 6 x 60'
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What would you do if you had the chance to spend an entire night with your ex?

This is the warm and compelling series that places ex-couples in a rigged apartment block capturing their every move.

We all have exes. We all know how it feels to fall in love, and then to lose it. And we all have questions about our past relationships and things we wish we’d asked at the time.

But what if your Ex is the one that got away? The love of your life who you may never replace. Face to face once again, could you persuade them to give you another chance?

With humour, tears and life-changing jeopardy, this is a hugely revealing relationship series that puts true love under the spotlight.

The UK version is filmed in 2 apartments and features 3 couples per episode. A 10 x 30' US version is also available which is filmed in 1 apartment and features 1 couple per episode. 

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'Best Reality Format' C21 Format Awards 2018


Performed extremely well on Channel 5, averaging 619k viewers across its 6 episode run.

The season premiere was particularly popular, averaging 875k viewers, gaining a 5.3% share of total TV viewing.

Extremely popular with younger audiences, in particular 16-24 and 25-34 demographics.

Featured in the in the Top 3 'Dating and Relationships' programming for all channels (16-24 year olds).

An incredible +239% up on the channel's late prime time average for Women aged 16-24.

The programme reached a total of 4.4 million individuals, and was very effective at building exposure for the channel, adding a further 394k viewers to its viewership in the season finale.




“A Night With My Ex has the potential to be one of the realest shows on television.” Bustle (US)

“...reality television has struck again. The idea of watching the real-life drama of an individual unfold right before your eyes has literally taken this nation by storm.” TVOM