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Ibiza Weekender Series 3
Entertainment - 8 x 60' , 1 x 90'
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Ibiza Weekender is a structured documentary series that provides an insight into the lives of holiday reps working on the magical Balearic island of Ibiza and the groups of guests that come to stay with them.

Based within a hotel and supported by excursions to party hotspots across the island, the show follows the every move of our cast of reps as they navigate their way around a summer full of hopes, dreams, loves and fears, all while dealing with their guests. In a unique format twist, it takes the traditional fly-on-the-wall documentary style and blends it with the real-time constructed storytelling of today’s most successful reality shows. Each episode is driven by not only the unique stories of the guests but also by the continuing narratives of our holiday reps.
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Series 3 of Ibiza Weekender performed well on ITV2, smashing the slot average across several demographics including 16-24 (+45%), 25-34 (+15%) and 35-44 (+3%).

Ibiza Weekender series 6 average audience was an impressive 612k, this was consistent with series 52 (632k viewers) and an remarkable +7% increase on series 43(573k viewers).

Each episode of Ibiza Weekender appeared in the top three programmes viewed on the day of airing, with 7 out of 9 episodes being the best performing programme on the channel across the day.

Impressively, Ibiza Weekender was able to build audience levels throughout the series, with the final 3 episodes all out performing the first 3 episodes.

Ibiza Weekender achieved a reach over 4 million viewers which is 6.9% of the viewing population.



The show was amongst the most tweeted about shows of the day across every episode.

The majority of episodes have trended in the top 5 most tweeted about things in the UK, moving to number 1 several times.

#IbizaWeekender tends to trend for several hours after the show has finished.