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Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr
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There’s a food revolution going on with new hidden restaurants opening in far flung places and extraordinary venues. They are breaking the conventions of the restaurant world, by creating bespoke and unlikely establishments that demand diners get off the beaten track to discover.

Hidden Kitchens with Michel Roux Jr, sees him take him travel across the UK, in search of Britain's best hidden restaurants, and looking for inspiration for his own. As challenge to himself he is setting up his own hidden restaurant far away from his 2 Michelin starred London restaurant, Le Gavroche. In a place, near where he grew up as a child in Kent, his converted Oast House restaurant, with just 18 covers, will afford him the chance to cook in a simpler, more personal and rustic style. The series sees him travelling the country, on a research trip, visiting some of Britain’s best hidden restaurants to learn the secrets of the world of hidden restaurants and to learn the ingredients behind their success.


Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr pulled in an average audience of 1.2 million

Hidden Restaurants reached a remarkable 5.7 million viewers which is 9.5% of the viewing population

1.1 million Hidden Restaurants viewers watched on Live+VOSDAL. This is an incredible 91%, indicating that it was effective at bringing in live viewers

Hidden Restaurants appeared in the top three programmes on Channel 4 each day that it aired and each episode appeared in the top 20 programmes on Channel 4 each week.

Since the start of 2017 Hidden Restaurants achieved the 4th highest rated unique transmission on Channel 4 for the Cookery genre


"Michel Roux Jr’s Hidden Restaurants comes with an interesting premise that’s sure to have viewers heading straight to Google to find out more." - The Standard

“In a world where chefs are encouraged to be brutal, sweary demagogues with diva-like tendencies, he’s a breath of fresh air.” - Saga

“And this programme is every bit as nice as the man himself.” – Saga