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Confessions Of A Junior Doctor
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Filmed over four months in one UK hospital, this series follows the lives of young doctors trying to cope with the pressures of the profession at a critical time for the National Health Service. With privileged access to go beyond the headlines and explore the reality of the day to day functioning of a major hospital, the series helps to understand what life is really like for the 60,000 Junior Doctors working on the wards across Britain.

As young as twenty-three they are on the frontline of hospital care, from the resuscitation rooms of A&E to the operating theatres of surgery. Committed, passionate and highly trained these young doctors are the future of the health service, but they are working in an NHS that’s facing record patient numbers. Ever more is being asked of our juniors as hospitals become increasingly stretched. In 2016, this came to a head as junior doctors went on strike against a new contract imposed by the government.


The series aired with a peak audience of 1.4m viewers for the premiere epsiode.

Best performing programme on the channel for three out of four episodes.

All four episodes were in the Top 10 Programmes of the week on the Channel.

Consolidated average of 1.5 million viewers per episode and 6.33% share.


“Confessions of a Junior Doctor balanced politics with human stories, and it rang with a truth of experience that no politician’s waffle could hope to counter.” – Telegraph

“The new doctors at Northampton General last August were, for a start, earnest and energetic” – Express

“…unmissable TV.” – The Times

“This timely series shows what life is like on the front line for our young medics…” – TV & Sat Weekly

"It's hard not to have sympathy for the junior doctors after watching this" – Express Preview

"…heartbreaking series…" – Guardian Preview