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A Night With My Ex (Format)
Entertainment - 60'
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A Night With My Ex is a warm and compelling format which places ex-couples in a fixed rig apartment capturing their every move. 

Each 'Ex' prepares a series of questions that they wish to ask their former partner: Did you ever really love me? What is your happiest memory of our time together? Throughout each episode, key aspects of the relationship and their stories are revealed. With humour, tears and lots of ‘will they won’t they moments', will they decide to give love a second chance, or finally realise it’s over for good?

This highly flexible format aired a 10-part series on the Bravo channel (US). 

UK Version: 60’ minute format - 3 couples per episode (Filmed in 1 Apartment)

US Version: 30’ minute format - 1 couple per episode (Filmed in 2 Apartments)

The format has now been adapted in Germany, Holland, South Africa, UK, US.

Format and finished programme rights available


'Best Reality Format' C21 Format Awards 2018



Performed extremely well on Channel 5, averaging 619k viewers across its 6 episode run.

The season premiere was particularly popular, averaging 875k viewers, gaining a 5.3% share of total TV viewing.

Extremely popular with younger audiences, in particular 16-24 and 25-34 demographics.

Featured in the in the Top 3 'Dating and Relationships' programming for all channels (16-24 year olds).

An incredible +239% up on the channel's late prime time average for Women aged 16-24.

The programme reached a total of 4.4 million individuals, and was very effective at building exposure for the channel, adding a further 394k viewers to its viewership in the season finale.


One of the most successful shows in its genre for successfully engaging with young viewers.

Series two out performed Series one by +30%. For all adults (16+) it averaged 660K viewers which was 12% higher than series one.   

Smashed the slot average by 102% for all key demographics portfolio across 16-24 and viewing significantly improved the viewing figures on Series one.

In the Top 3 performing shows (16-24) across 5 major terrestrials with First Dates Hotel and Save Money: Good Food.

It was the best performing show in terms of share for the 16-24 group.

The remodel of the format for this season gave it greater appeal to men. There was an upsurge in viewing by a staggering 142% up on the time slot average with a vast majority in the upmarket men demographic.  


The series premiere delivered 297K A18-49 and 590K Total Viewers.

Outperformed +7% and +13% with the target A18-49 demo across Bravo’s prior 4-week and its year ago equivalent time period averages.

The premiere outperformed the network’s most recent debut in the 10pm hour on Tuesday, by +12% with A18-4.

Ranked among Bravo’s Top 5 debuts in the past year and drove the network to Top 10 status in the time period vs. all cable networks with key Women.




“A Night With My Ex has the potential to be one of the realest shows on television.” Bustle (US)

“...reality television has struck again. The idea of watching the real-life drama of an individual unfold right before your eyes has literally taken this nation by storm.” TVOM