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Hotel Inspector Series 13
Factual Entertainment - 8 x 60' / Format
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In this brand new series, Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi sets out on a mission to transform the fortunes of hotels and guest houses.

This time around Alex tackles a luxury hotel near Bath, where the hoteliers are paying the price for being the perfect hosts. In Southport, she meets fledgling hoteliers with a half-built hotel and a successful craft ale bar below – but can their expertise downstairs transfer upstairs? Meanwhile in the English Rivera, a historic manor house is in desperate need of some updating and it's back to basics with staff training. In a B&B near Bristol, an owner derailed by debts calls upon the Hotel Inspector to get the business back on track.

Finally, In the New Forest, Alex meets one owner who’s revamping his hotel, but it’s time for him to think less like a builder and more like a hotelier to keep up with competition. Plus, Alex heads back to revisit a previous project.