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Give It A Year (Format)
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From the makers of This Time Next Year, Give It A Year is a brand new business format that delivers instant reveals and life changing transformations. 

Eighty percent of tech start -ups, 40 percent of restaurants and 25 percent of all new ventures will fail in the first year. This revolutionary new format will tell the story of that make or break first year of business. Who will succeed and who will fail? 

The show follows a number of entrepreneurs who open their doors to the paying public. 365 days later we return to reveal what happened during these critical first twelve months. Some will be struggling to stay afloat, some will have gone bust and some will have made their first millions. With huge play along potential, multiple reveals and packed with entrepreneurial takeout, this format breaks from the traditional business narrative and breathes fresh life into this popular territory.

In the UK version, Baroness Karren Brady (The Apprentice) mentors the budding entrepreneurs.

Local adaptation made by TV2 Denmark.

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The premiere of Give It A Year peaked with 3.010 million. 


“Well, this new business series was quite a goody. The half-hour format, with snappily told stories, was diverting enough that my tea went cold while watching it.” The Telegraph

“It’s an enjoyable watch. Great to see her encouraging entrepreneurs such as Sarah, who had started her own giant light-up letters hire company.” The Mirror

 “Karren’s style is warm but no-nonsense.” The People