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Second Chance Summer (Format)
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Ten strangers are about to experience a summer that could change their lives forever.

In an incredible try-before-you-buy experimental format, a newly formed group put their dream of living in the sun to the test. Pooling their financial resources and skills, they purchase a property and learn to work together over the course of seven weeks.  

Between them, our cast have the skills they need to make this work. There might be a builder, a gardener, gifted cooks and those with experience of running a business. As the weeks pass, they’ll begin to realise their vision and personal ambitions and discover what really matters. At the end of the seven weeks the group will face a life-changing decision: do they return to their old life or embark on a joint venture to pursue their dreams? Whatever the decision, this will be a formative experience for all involved.


Second Chance Summer performed well on BBC2 throughout its six episode run, averaging 1.2m viewers, which equates to a 5.2% share of TV viewing.

The programme was particularly popular with older audiences, gaining a 6.7% of 55-64 year olds and a 7.5% share of those aged 65+.

SCS achieved viewing levels higher than the channels evening slot average, averaging +7% more viewers in total. These levels are at +30% for 55-64’s, and +13% for those 65+.


“It looks like it’s going to be fun.” – The Guardian

“Big Brother for posh people…” – The Guardian

“Second Chance Summer: Tuscany was as enjoyable as a glass of fine Merlot” – Telegraph

“Most refreshingly, none of it felt mean-spirited: everyone had reasons for their behaviour, however deeply buried they may have been. I’ll certainly be giving it a second chance.” – Telegraph

“It sounds like a recipe for chaos, but the stories of Gavin, Karen and their new friends make for inspiring viewing from the creators of The Real Marigold Hotel.” – TV Times (editor pick)

“Second Chance Summer ... has been an unbridled delight. It has traumatised the reality format by daring to give us kindness, beauty, hope and wisdom over six long and happy weeks of life on a Tuscan farm... A brave, surprising gem throughout.” - The Guardian