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Change Your Tune
Entertainment - 6 x 60'
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In their latest ‘time travel’ studio based entertainment format, the producers of This Time Next Year present a brand new singing game show where a host of unlikely singers ‘change their tune’ to win an amazing cash prize.

Five truly terrible singers, all of whom have a heartfelt reason for wanting to be able to sing, perform in front of a live studio audience.

As they leave the stage, the life-changing transformation from awful singer to polished performer begins. What has been weeks of training for our contestants is an instant for viewers, as the curtain rises and the singers reappear to give their once in a lifetime performance.  Whoever is judged by the studio audience to have ‘changed their tune’ the most, walks away with a cash prize and a fantastic new singing voice.

It’s a feel-good, celebratory show that brings a unique new spin to the singing genre, revealing hit after hit of dramatic and heart-warming live musical performances.

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