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Educating... (Series 5)
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The International EMMY and BAFTA award-winning producers of 'Educating...' invite you back through the school gates for a new term of inspirational and entertaining stories from the hallways of a Manchester based school.

Filmed at Harrop Fold School, Greater Manchester, the series explores the incredible dynamic between the teaching staff and students across the academic year. Led by Head Teacher, Mr Drew Povey and his team, Harrop has experienced many challenges and continues to face adversity. It’s been a tough year already for the school following the Manchester terrorist attack (attended by a number of Harrop’s students), and a rapidly changing educational landscape. This series shows how the wider world outside impacts on students and teachers and offers a fascinating insight into modern British school life.

Told with much-loved warmth and humour, Educating Greater Manchester also examines the universally-recognisable themes of teenage life and those all-important student-teacher relationships, which lie at the heart of everyone’s formative years.

The latest series of this high performing brand transmitted in the UK as Educating Greater Manchester. In total there have been five series produced across the following locations: Essex, Yorkshire, Cardiff, East London and Greater Manchester.


Winner: Educating Yorkshire - International EMMY 'Best Factual Series' 


Series 5 (Manchester) attracted an impressive 2 million viewers and a 9% share of viewing across the series. 

It was popular with younger audiences (16-34s), achieving an 18.1% share with the demographic, a staggering +106% above the channel's slot average. 

Performance with younger audiences was strong throughout the entire series, overall the 16-34 demographic accounted for 35% of all viewing to the programme.

Overall, 3 million 16-34 year olds tuned in across the series, that is an impressive 21% of all 16-34’s in the UK.

The show also appealed to the commercially valuable ABC1 audience +46% more than the slot average.




" of Channel 4's most consistently absorbing documentary strands of recent years and Educating Greater Manchester is proving to be no exception.”  The Telegraph

“Educating Greater Manchester is great for the same reasons the other Educating shows were. It’s an honest, objective portrait of a real school.” The Guardian 

“One thing that’s definitely unique to this series is the moment cameras capture the shocked atmosphere at the school following this summer’s devastating terrorist attack in Manchester.” TV Times