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Alex Polizzi's Secret Italy Series 1
Factual - 4 x 60'
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Alex Polizzi embarks on an extraordinary adventure to uncover the soul and beauty of today's secret Italy.

Alex embraces her lifelong love of Italy and travels North to South, taking in the breath-taking cities of Venice, Milan, Rome and the Amalfi Coast, before unearthing hidden tourist gems in Puglia. Her secret guide revisits some of her fondest memories of this beautiful Mediterranean land, including the childhood holidays she spent in the foothills of Rome and the places she work in her youth.

Along the way, Alex finds incredible food, drink and colourful characters. Alex Polizzi's Secret Italy shares a whole new side to one of the most loved countries and discovers some new wonders along the way.


The series significantly increased the upmarket ABC1 demographic by +118%

64% of the of the Series Audience was ABC1 (significantly higher than the Channel average of 37%)

The series reached 5.2m people in the UK.


 “…Alex exposes the hidden gems of this ‘impossible, magical and unique’ place.” – TV Times

 “It’s a heartfelt love letter to the country - one that is littered with superlatives and will have viewers researching their next trip as soon as the credits roll.” – The Daily Mail

“…the best series she’s ever done.” – Radio Times