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Biggest Hoarders
Factual - 5 x 60'
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Meet the people whose obsession with their belongings has spiralled out of control.

Behind closed doors, many people are suffering; practically buried alive by their clutter and dealing with a compulsion to accumulate everyday items. It's a secretive, often shameful, physiological condition that affects an estimated 3 million families in the UK.

The award-winning 'hoarding' strand: My Hoarder Mum & Me, Britain's Biggest Hoarders and Biggest Hoarders all give a raw and frank account of the impact it can have on the family unit.

The latest offering meets people whose emotional attachment to their possessions has reached epic proportions. Will they ever willingly clear their homes? Do new techniques and treatments really offer hope? And can hoarders ever be cured? It's an intimate, emotional and deeply personal journey for the whole family.

Biggest Hoarders: 3 x 60' (HD)
Britain's Biggest Hoarders: 1 x 60' (HD)
My Hoarder Mum & Me: 1 x 60' (HD)


Britain's Biggest Hoarders averaged 4.1 million viewers, 16.6% share.
My Hoarder Mum & Me: 3.4 million - an incredible 1.3 million, 10% increase on the annual slot average.