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Impossible Engineering Series 2
Factual - 8 x 60'
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A new season of mind-blowing modern engineering structures and thrilling historical innovations are revealed in this revolutionary series. 

Each episode of Impossible Engineering details how giant structures, record-beating buildings and mega-marvels were built and work. How would they have ever existed without the historical inventions of their ancestors? As the series revels in their creation, it leaps back in time to recount the stories of the exceptional engineers behind the historic technical advances that made it all possible. 
The result is a series that celebrates both modern engineering trailblazers and the people that made them possible. 3D graphics, stunning archive and specially shot footage as well as expert interviews tell these amazing stories.



The Series performed extremely well on Yesterday, achieving an average audience of 172k and reaching a total of 1.9m individuals over 8 episodes.

The series was particularly popular with male audiences, performing +67% above slot average for males (4+) and an incredible +90% above average for Men 35-54.
The programme also performed favourably with the ABC1 socio-economic group, with 53% of its adult viewing coming from this demographic (on average).