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Royal Marines Commando School
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Never before has this exclusive organisation allowed the public access behind the closed doors of their living quarters and out on exercise.

With truly unprecedented access to one of the largest commando training camps, Royal Marines Commando School follows a new draft of recruits through what is arguably the most arduous basic training programme in the world.

Built on a combination of fixed-rig cameras and crews, the series explores the extraordinary experiences of those hoping to earn the coveted Green Beret. The extreme physical and mental exhaustion the newcomers endure as they are transformed from raw recruits into Royal Marines, is unparalleled. Over a third of entrants will either fail or withdraw. 

Combining intimacy and real-life drama, the series captures the warmth, humour and camaraderie that flourishes amongst a new generation of recruits hoping to join this elite force. 


Premiered with a peak audience of 2.9 million viewers, and smashed the slot average by 33.7%. 

It was the 3rd most tweeted about UK TV show of the day, inspiring almost 10,000 tweets and has been well received by the critics. 

Week-on-week the series has consistently reached over 2.5 million viewers. 



“Channel 4's documentary series is a closely observed, deeply perceptive account of the process that turns young recruits into elite soldiers, and it grows more fascinating every week.” - Ellen E Jones - Independent

“The producers at Twofour excel at identifying individuals and presenting their stories in a away you won’t second guess… “ - Toby Earle, Evening Standard

 “the remarkably intimate programme revealed many surprising, humorous and at times poignant aspects of life as an aspiring marine.” - The Telegraph

“It is very easy to get reality television wrong and exceptionally difficult to get it right. This feat, however, was achieved with aplomb by Royal Marines Commando School” - The Telegraph

“Adroitly filmed and edited, this compelling series provides insight into the rigorous process of turning young men into crack troops…” The Sunday Times, Culture

“Sensitively filmed, this is particularly good at picking up the story of the individual within the larger body of men” - The Guardian

“…the remarkably intimate programme revealed many surprising, humorous and at times poignant aspects of life as an aspiring Marine.” Jake Willis Simons - The Sunday Telegraph

"One skill of this show is to bring home the human side of the seemingly inhumane hardship of training" - Luke Blackall - Evening Standard