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Feeding The Super Rich
Factual Entertainment - 5 x 60' includes Christmas Special
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Feeding the Super Rich is an exclusive behind the scenes mini-series that follows the private network of luxury food suppliers who cater for the UK’s billionaires.

London is home to more billionaires than any other city on the planet. Like all of us, they need feeding and it’s become big business. Exclusive food finders indulge every whim to satisfy the appetites of some of the most demanding clients. In this high stakes market they go to any length to source, import and prepare the world’s finest and most expensive food and drink. For some clients, the finest ingredients just aren't enough; it’s what you do to them and where they've been that counts. 

It's a rarefied and private world where only the very best will do.

Transmitted in the UK as The World's Most Expensive Food.


Feeding The Super Rich increased the slot average by a mouth-watering 80%.

The Christmas special was particularly strong with the ABC1 market with a increase on slot average of 55%.


“…it’s a real eye opener.” – Mirror, Pick of the Day 

Channel 4 documentary The World’s Most Expensive Food does what it says on the luxury, bespoke, hand-crafted tin, showing off the weird and wonderful meals the super-rich will pay for to impress their friends.” – Evening Standard